We are pleased to Introduce Sabina Nassar as the new sales consultant at Riverdale Village.

Sabina is excited to have joined the Riverdale Team and is looking forward to assisting you with your land and housing requirements.

Neetish and George will also retain an association with Riverdale Village and existing purchasers are welcome to contact either of them for questions you may have.

May Construction Update


A visit to Riverdale Village will show that internal stage infrastructure is taking shape as kerbs are placed upon the base layer of road construction ready for asphalt. 

Services are now provided in the ground and work on concrete footpaths and driveways will commence in the coming days. 

We are pleased to announce that traffic signals at the intersection of Leakes and Davis Road are now fully functional, providing residents and visitors to the Village with safer access. 

 Last month also marked a significant milestone for Riverdale Village with our first residents moving into their new homes. This is an exciting milestone for the community, and we look forward to seeing many more families joining us over the coming months. 

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Stages 3, 4 and 5



We are pleased to announce we have received Statement of Compliance for Stages 3, 4 and 5 at Riverdale Village.

We have now formally lodged Stages 3 and 4 for registration of title with the Land Titles Office with lodgement of Stage 5 to follow.

Whilst the registration of titles rests in the hands of others, we anticipate titles for stages 3 and 4 will be registered in approximately 3 weeks.

We thank all Stage 3, 4 and 5 purchasers for their patience during the compliance process and look forward to you officially joining our Community